I am talking about the perfect place to escape the craziness, for meditation OR with a tea + a good book.  I usually advise my clients to create a meditation corner or a special place to tap into their higher self.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 10.31.48 PMIt works on a simple logic – if the environment around you is quiet, your mind can also be relaxed during meditation. Since meditation time is your time, your phone calls + emails can wait for those few minutes that you are with yourself.  The whole idea is to disconnect for a few minutes so that you can connect with the world better when you get back!


  • A teepee OPTIONAL (click here for DIY tee pee ideas)
  • Big comfy floor pillows
  • Cozy blankets
  • Hanging lanters with candles
  • Incense to clear the energy of the room
  • A playlist of relaxing music
  • Perhaps some curtains or string lights hung up.

Do you have a spare room that isn’t being used?

Quite often this kind of space can be a hide away for you as well as your guests when they are staying with you.

Flowy curtains, mood lighting, big pillows, colour patterns and chill music.

This is where my sacred space is in our spare bedroom. One thing I know for sure is when my girlfriends come over for a tea or coffee we end up in my sacred spare room sitting around chatting. It’s the vibes, the energy, salt lamps and a diffuser with calming essential oils.


What about a meditation teepee?

It’s beautifully designed and been around for thousands of years. It’s intimate and feels like a mini sanctuary once you are inside.

Other than the traditional native Tee pee’s, in 2013 tee pee’s are very trendy and perfect for fun spaces for small children. They are great in bedrooms and/or play rooms, now it’s time maybe the adults give them a try.

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