We might all have those shelves in our home, the ones that are either built-in or free standing…they look great but you have no clue how to display stuff on them. Do you wonder if you should find stuff that is trendy or cool? Or do you worry that you don’t have enough things to even display?

Make sure your shelving have a clean blank slate, freshly painted all white or a nice dark background for your lighter items to shine.

Use your judgement, but judge from your heart.

Do you love it? Does it give you a good feeling and will that object inspire you? It’s that easy, if the object doesn’t fit any of those criteria than it’s time to remove them from your home (or at least this room). A bold dose of colour goes a long way, so feel free to paint old boxes or sculptures in any accent colour that you want to bring in to the room!

This client used their own collection of favourite items to dress the shelves, an old wicker basket from their mother, small coffee table book collection, succulent plants, a wooden plate, acollection of 3 ceramic containers, sculptural items, etc…

Create a few vignette areas throughout the shelf, and as time goes on…add more and more.

You probably have more things than you thought to use on the shelves, you just need to get creative and open up your mind a little.


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