If you’re not getting rid of negative vibes in your home on a regular basis, your space will start to feel dirty even after its been cleaned. It has a lot to do with the energy that has been expelled in your space and not cleared away.

Arguments, breakups, stress, kids fighting, parties, deaths, grief—all aspects of life leave energy behind in your home.

Crystals not only cleanse bad vibes, but they lift them up to create a high-vibe spaces!

We have created a guide for you by matching the crystals to the rooms, you can amplify the energies you need most in that particular space. Once you start assigning crystals to do their magical jobs around your home, you will start to notice that the living room becomes full of life, the bedroom beams with love and helps you relax, etc…


Black Tourmaline: This crystal repels lower and harmful frequencies. Your door is commonly where energy enters your space. Instead of dragging outside energy into the home with you, set up an energy protection shield. Connecting with this crystal when you come home helps you to disconnect with any negative energy you’ve collected before bringing it into your space.

Labradorite: This is a powerful healing crystal and it works great to guide energy throughout your home. It’s the best stone for fighting off an existential crisis. Labradorite shields against any ill-wishing or unwanted visitors.


Carnelian: It’s time to get creative in the kitchen with this fun crystal. As a stone known for packing an energizing punch, it’ll actually help you from ordering out on days when you’re already tired from a long day at work. The creativity carnelian stirs up will lend some extra flavour to your next big dinner.

Rose Quarts: Create a kitchen altar with crystals in your kitchen to inspire creativity with ingredients and innovation. You can do this by putting your Rose Quartz crystals on the window sill to hold that energetic space as you prepare food. This crystal it will make sure that the ambiance is always centered around love. 


Amethyst: Amethyst is a stress reliever and ideal for generating a relaxing and rejuvenating space. It acts as an air purifier, clearing negativity energy and emitting positive energy. Amethyst has a very protective energy that also continuously brings you light and abundance. It’s one of those crystals for the home that you can’t go wrong placing in any room of the house!

Selenite: Place a Selenite crystal on the window sill to fill any room with positivity. The sun reflecting off your Selenite will cast bright energy into your space.


Larimar: This crystal is peaceful, it promotes confidence and clear communication between people in the home. It increases energy and wards off depression.

Apophyllite:  When you place an Apophyllite crystal on a small table, you feel an immediate shift in your level of stress, anxiety, fear or worry. The positive flow of energies is like a stream that loosens blockages and washes away unwanted energy.


Blue Agate:  Are you wanting to promote open communication in the bedroom? With vibes so smooth that they’ll lull you to sleep, Blue Lace Agate is the stone for bringing clarity and calming stress relief into your sacred space.

Celestite:  This is one of the ultimate crystals for your home, placing Celestite in your bedroom is like a cosmic lullaby. Let it rock you to sleep with its soothing and calming vibes. This is our fav crystal for babies or children’s rooms, to promote restful sleep and sweet dreams.


Clear Quartz: This is where you purify yourself, so Clear Quartz crystals for this room can help in speeding tha process as well as bettering it. Not sure about the tap water in your bathroom? Install a clear quartz around the main tap and see the the water change, it’s like magic. Clear Quartz can help you stay purified and relaxed.  

Citrine: Keep it clean with Citrine. Set a citrine point next to the selenite for amplified frequencies of joy. Its energy is like crystallized sunbeams that vitalize your cells, outlook, energy, and entire being. Citrine can burn through clouds of negative energy, thoughts, and emotions like a laser, clearing the way for your soul to shine through.


Shungite: Unlike any other stone on Earth, this stone can absorb and neutralize the electromagnetic radiation (EMF) put out by electronic devices. It’s an important stone for the work desk or home office because of the natural antioxidants found in the stone’s power.  If your desk is covered with a computer, tablet, phone or other electronic devices, this stone can be useful in combating that energy.

Tigers Eye: These stones are believed to sharpen your memory and bring focused concentration, it’s light energy helps to clear your mind. It encourages a cheerful and uplifting mood, transforming your mood into a more positive one. They are said to stimulate motivation, willpower, personal power and courage, which makes them perfect for your office.



Every time their sparkle catches your eye, feel a rush of inspiration flow through you!





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