Break with tradition by mixing different styles and try new pairings.  For this design scheme that I created at Home Decor & Moore, it wasn’t hard to find 6 items that worked well together.

  1. The soft neutral wall in AF-680 Wish by Benjamin Moore is the perfect back drop for a classic look.
  2. A rich gray high backed armchair is comfortable yet stylish $899.99.
  3. The mirror is interesting and reminds me of an old gothic style window $149.99.
  4. To continue the accent colour of white to match throw pillow and rug, the buddha was the perfect find and  ON SALE FOR ONLY $10.
  5. To create the perfect ready area, I loved the idea of the table lamp with it’s rustic bark texture.
  6. Side tables are necessary for a seating area and a must for your coffee or beverage, this one is extra cute for it’s storage options inside.

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