8 Soulful Favs For Meditation

Life can get busy and crazy, it can be down right overwhelming! Even when we try to slow down and take a break, it’s hard to sometimes get in the zone.

Here are 8 Soulful Favs for the next time you want to create a relaxing environment, from smudging your space, diffusing essential oils to clearing the air with Palo Santo. The perfect spot to sit is a must and also enlightened jewelry and/or crystals to hold while you still your mind. Afterwards, it’s always helpful to write down our feelings, thoughts and desires.

1. Blue Crazy Lace Support Amplifier by Tiny Devotions 2. Large Crystal from Reiki On Wheels  3.  Woodlot Palo Santo Incense at well.ca  4. Wax + Fire Co. Soy Candle In Marble at well.ca  5.  Aroma Om-Jillian Harris Edition, Ultra Sonic Diffuser by Saje Wellness 6.  Sage for Smudging Pachamama’s  7.  Thai Triangle Pillow by Amazon  8.  The 5 Sec Journal at Mel Robbins Amazon


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