The market is hot right now, but there are still some things that will make a huge difference to your home selling quickly and for the right price.

We sat down with Real Estate expert Nicole Parks, Sales Representative for RE/MAX Quinte Ltd, to get her “MUST DO” list for selling your home. This is how she manages to help her clients sell their homes as quickly as possible.

1. Give your house a deep clean.

  • Scrub your floors spotless, if they are tile floors even clean the grout. Make the flooring in every room look the best it can.
  • Clean windows, most people over look this..but clean windows give better views and look way better.
  • Bathrooms especially, clean out the tub/shower, toilet and sink. Make things sparkle and look their best.
  • Landscaping is often over looked, clean out all garden beds, gardens and hide kid toys. Show off the property’s highlights.

2. Paint your walls to freshen them up.

  • If the walls are in good shape, you can just wipe them down. Kitchen walls may need to be scrubbed.
  • If there are any nail holes or peeling paint, touch them up with paint.
  • If you have rooms with bold colours, think of changing them to neutrals (not everyone has your colour preferences and they all want to envision themselves living in the home).
  • Front doors make a huge difference in curb appeal and first impressions, give it fresh coat or change it to a more welcoming colour.

3. Clean out those closets, show off how much storage is in your home.

  • People will be looking in your closets when viewing your home, every single one of them.
  • Organize, purge and buy boxes or storage solutions to clean them up.
  • The cleaner the closet, the more space there is available which means max storage potential in the buyers eyes.


4.  Make sure your kitchen is organized and at it’s best.

  • Every time we take a client to a listing, they spend the most time in the kitchen (and bathrooms). They will open every cupboard and they will investigate appliances too. Make sure they are spotless.
  • Update hardware, this can give new life to cabinets.
  • Don’t just clean up cubboards, purge stuff you don’t want and arrange things nicely. Show the potential buyers how nice the cabinets are and how much storage there is.
  • Remember, if your kitchen isn’t nice the buyer may assume they may need to renovate and that changes the whole asking price of the home.

5. This one is HUGE and most people overlook it…hire a designer to stage your home.

  • Some people think this step is too expensive, but a few hours with a designer can give your home thousands of dollars in added value for the asking price.
  • Designers know which colours to paint, which rooms to leave alone and how to create the optimal space layout with furnishings you already own.
  • It’s a win win, an old empty bedroom can come alive and look amazing with items that may be shoved in the basement.
  • Sometimes even switching the dining room and living room create a better flow.
  • This finishing touch will transform your home and give you better odds at selling for the asking price that you want. I’ve used Meg from Design Your Joy and she always leaves my clients homes looking their best.


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