Power + possibilities are open to you and they are limitless. Creating a visualization board can be a great way to project your inner most desires out in the universe , to create the life and future you want to live.  I create a new one each year, revisiting where I was and comparing that with where I want to be. 

Vision boards are the ultimate tool in manifestation. They can serve you daily to keep you inspired, keep you on track, and keep you motivated. You know all of the Law Of Attraction stuff? Well, creating a vision board and sticking it in your line of sight, is an awesome way to communicate with the Universe about what you would like to collaborate on in your life. Plus, they are fun to make!

There are no rules when it comes to creating your vision of your hopes and dreams. This is why everyone’s board is so different. It’s also why mine are so different from one year to the next. If you are the kind of person who appreciates a small dose of guidance, here are some basic steps to follow. Find a quiet place to sit, where you will be able to relax and get your daydreamin’ on. Spend some time with your thoughts, your inner guide. Allow your mind to wander into the most inspired future you can visualise for yourself. “Who am I surrounded by?” “Where do I live?” “What do I do for work?” “How do I feel?” “What will make me excited?”

To begin making visualization board, all you need is:

  • A cork board. (Even if it’s an old ugly one, just give it a fresh coat of paint.)
  • Tape or pins.
  • Find images, words, quotes and affirmations that remind you of all of the images you see in your future. All of the people you want to meet and be around, the places you want to live in and visit, the events you want to experience, the accomplishments you want to reach, the feelings you want to emulate, and the emotions you want to fill your cells with. Pin them up and you will see the style and feel you are looking for starting to take shape.

Let it come naturally…give it a good month to develop, you will be surprised where you take inspiration from.

An entrance to your home, be it front or back door gives you a visual when you enter or exit your home. A great way to stay on track.

Sometimes a living room is the perfect place to put your visualization board, fill it with things you want to look at daily. Pictures of family and friends can give you the warm feeling of being with them.


The office is a nice intimate place for a visualization board, you can mix in current projects that you are working on and maybe a few you would like to be working on in the future.


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